Hi, I’m Stephanie Nickolich,
CEO of Success Society and organizer of the #Collaborich Conference,

and let’s just say, I’ve been around the business block. I created my own empire in less than a year – when I was $100k in debt. I’m the real deal, and I’ve been where you are – overworked, overwhelmed and exhausted trying to make my dreams come true. In that way, The #Collaborich Conference is a labor of love, from my heart to yours.

How so? Well, because I’ve learned a LOT while building my business from the ground up – including that sharing with and learning from others is the EASIEST (and honestly, MOST FUN) way to “make it work” in the online world.

If you’re into what we’re doing here, I’d love if you could share the love on social media and let all of your biz besties, colleagues and other interested parties know about #Collaborich. We expect this to be a HUGE EVENT because of the level of talent we’ve curated is outrageous!

And who knows… There may be some incredible chances to WIN just by telling others that you’re going to be #Collaborich, as we lead up to the live event.

I can’t wait to see you at the conference!

Stephanie Nickolich
You’re a big dreamer who doesn’t want an average, mediocre,
everyday business. You want an EMPIRE
It’s as simple as signing up, showing up and soaking it alllll in. That’s it.